The expected Shelf Life for each product is published on the products label. It indicates how many days your meat will remain in perfect condition when it arrives before reaching its use-by date. Most of our meat will arrive fresh so simply pop it in the fridge or if freezing it must be placed in the freezer on the day of arrival.

Getting the Best Out of Your Food

Freezer Tips

Keeping your frozen meat in its original Meat and Co vacuum packaging not only prevents freezer burn, it also makes the best use of space in your freezer. Your meat will last longer and stay in the best condition if you keep it frozen at -18ºC or below.

Upright freezers should not be overloaded, as this can prevent them from operating correctly. Chest freezers, on the other hand, run more efficiently when filled up.


Allow plenty of time for your meat to defrost – 24 hours for small cuts and up to 10 hours per 500g for larger joints. It’s safer if it can defrost in the fridge and there will be less drip loss so the meat will be more succulent.

Never leave meat to thaw in a warm environment, for example, next to a central heating boiler, tumble dryer, washing machine or fridge, or even a warm windowsill that catches the sun. This can lead to a risk of food poisoning.


Traditionally matured meat can have a marginally darker appearance and slight odour when it is first removed from the vacuum pack. After about 20 minutes of exposure to fresh air, the meat regains a bright, natural colour and the odour fades. This natural process is called ‘blooming’.

We recommend that you take your meat out of the fridge, remove the packaging and pat it dry with a kitchen towel, about twenty minutes before you cook it. Keep it loosely covered if you prefer. This allows it to come to room temperature, and makes for a more tender end result.

Your meat will now be ready to cook – enjoy!

Meat & Co packaging

At Meat & Co, we have pioneered new ways of packaging your top-quality meat to ensure it arrives with you in perfect condition. Your order is made up on the day of your delivery and is delivered in a refrigerated vehicle. All your goods are packed in presentation boxes and securely wrapped in ice packs and bubble wrap. Your order is then placed in a strong, re-usable cool-box which prevents warming and protects your goods from knocks and bumps. Independent tests have shown that our unique travel packs keep your order chilled or frozen during transit.

Vacuum packing

We use professional vacuum packing machines to extract all the air from your packs of meat. Vacuum packing is preferred by top chefs because:

  • It’s the natural way to keep your meat fresher for longer
  • It prevents juices from escaping so it keeps your meat succulent
  • Vacuum packed products take up very little room in your fridge or freezer
  • Our special packaging helps to protect your meat from knocks and freezer burn
  • The packs are clean and easy to handle
  • Our heavy grade vacuum packs are suitable for home freezing and thawing.